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Surferelle Approved Jiv Athletics


JIV ATHLETICS • Launched in 2018 by a mother-daughter duo, Nika Cleaver & Tanys Evangelisti. A passion project solving an uncomfortable topic amongst most women. Cameltoe. Today, the duo, along side their husbands Tommy Cleaver… Read More »JIV ATHLETICS

Elle Sampiere Epic Tide Wetsuits

Epic Tide Wetsuits

Epic Tide Wetsuits • These just may be the best wetsuits in the world! “Try one and you’ll never go back”. I did and you can watch my full review on TikTok and Instagram! •… Read More »Epic Tide Wetsuits

Nvr Strings Bikini Review

Nvr Strings Bikinis

Nvr Strings Bikinis • Nvr Strings Bikinis. So I found this local bikini company and I thought I would give their bikinis a try for surfing. They have a huge selection of colors and fabrics… Read More »Nvr Strings Bikinis